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Posted in 18-JAN-2015
Things have just got simpler for anyone who has been searching for a highly effective yet time sensitive solution to their thermal imaging camera and servicing needs. We, here at Sachu Technologies, bring you an unmatched level of thermography service and satisfaction as an inclusive combination of certified consultants and proven results.
Being one of the market leaders in thermography services, we serve our clients with the highest level of thermal imaging cameras and thermography that integrate effectual equipments, modern technology and authentic tools to execute the highest of standards. Since work efficiency with credibility and transparency hold prime significance for any business to thrive, we endeavor to build trust for our customers that continue for years and years to come.
Our unrivaled determination to excel the field effortlessly helps us distinguish from others in the industry – making us simply the market leader that has an undeterred niche in thermal imaging camera. We provide detail oriented thermography solutions that scrupulously function in the infrared part of the spectrum. Since infrared energy is straightly correlated with heat, we ensure to embed equipments that are well researched and informative of the layouts.
As a highly trusted electrical test equipment and thermal imaging camera service in India, Sachu Technologies transcends others by carefully merging the decades of risk-based assessment knowledge with the most advanced infrared technology. Our mission, however, remains simple yet focused – deliver the best with minimal investment of your valuable time and money.
Once you join hands with us, you can simmer down as far as your thermography needs are concerned. We, to put it simply, make the entire experience seamless for you whilst efficiently identifying and analyzing potential problems in your electrical system. Unlike most thermal imaging camera and thermography services, Sachu Technologies believes in working as a strong team that helps you prevent breakdowns and financial loss in your business or customary work.
Using state of the art technology and effective equipments, we enable our clients and customers to experience the most trusted electronic transmission reports, detailed reports with images, and comprehensive findings of their electrical systems. Since it is always about making a right decision at the right time, we help you make sound yet effectual choices about the equipment care, protection, budgeting, and maintenance and plant operations.
Why Choose Sachu?
Being one of the leading edge electrical test equipments and thermal imaging camera solutions in India, we provide unprecedented customer focus and value that sets you straight for a productive association with us. Our passion to serve rightly understands your needs and builds further by identifying your vision before the work begins.
We believe in 100% customer satisfaction while ensuring utmost value to the services. Our objective to infuse growth with sensibility helps you save your monetary savings for a long haul.
Unlike most thermography services in India, Sachu Technologies realizes the significance of knowledgeable staff and accreditation – hence, integrating the most detail oriented electrical equipments and cameras for a thorough evaluation.
We are independently certified in accordance with ISO – which further reinforces our customers’ belief in us as the most credible and trusted thermography service in the country.


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