Earth Pit resistance testing Services

Grounding System Audits are designed to test your protection systems to ensure that they will operate effectively during a fault. Such audits are essential to comply with current health and safety legislation, including BS7430, as well as to protect your assets and personnel.

  1. Independent assessment of whole system including maintenance
  2. Utilises the latest technology for accurate assessment
  3. Identifies where repairs or improvements are required
  4. Design service offers advice on system upgrades
  5. Essential following upgrades, damage or theft from substations

Sachu technologies Earthing System Audit and Design Service provides an essential assessment of the earthing system in and around substations and other power assets, along with the associated maintenance procedures. Not only is this a legal obligation to comply with health and safety legislation, it is also vital for ensuring the protection of both your assets and your workforce.


Limitations of Earth Resistance Values as per standards

The effectiveness of earthing systems may change over time due to changes in assets, damage or theft from the substation, degradation of the earthing system and even environmental changes in the surrounding ground conditions as a result of climate change. An Earthing Audit is a quick and easy way to ensure that your protection systems will continue to function as designed despite these changes.Where eathing systems no longer function as required, the expert engineers at Sachu Technologies can create bespoke designs for cost-effective upgrades and replacement systems to meet your needs both now and in the future.


Earth Resistance Testing in India