Thermovision Scanning for Transmission Lines

Sachu Technologies offering Thermovision Hot spot scanning inspection services are designed to locate potential electrical problems and assist utilities with eliminating failures in transmission, distribution and substation systems. The use of thermography cameras for power line infrared inspection provides the fastest and most accurate method of survey.. The combination of an experienced team along with enhanced high resolution equipment allows us to locate potential problems quickly and accurately.

The delivery of reliable electrical power and other utility services is essential in our demanding technological world. Manufacturers operating 24/7 depend on it to remain profitable as do commercial enterprises at all levels. That’s why the most successful utility companies take every precaution to prevent sudden outages, and why thermal imaging has become a core predictive maintenance tool in their ongoing inspection programs. They depend on thermal imaging for intensive regular substation surveys as well as quick safety checks of energized equipment before beginning maintenance work – anything that will help them avoid costly service interruptions and exorbitant equipment losses. A bad connection results in increased resistance and the current flow generates excessive temperature that can easily be detected with infrared thermography. If not attended to this connection might break, resulting in loss of power.

Thermovision Hot spot scanning India

Power Line Thermography Inspection India