Sachu Technologies offers Thermography Services and Thermal Imaging Solutions in India using Infrared Cameras with a 160 x 120 and 320 x 240 pixels resolution deliver superior image quality. Infrared thermography is Scientific Camera which detects infrared energy emitted from object converts it to temperature, and displays image of temperature distribution.Infrared thermography is the art of transforming an infrared image into a radiometric one, which allows temperature values to be read from the image.

A small electrical problem can have extremely far-reaching consequences. The efficiency of the electrical grid becomes low, and so the energy is spent generating heat. If left unchecked, heat can rise to the point where connections start to melt. Not only that, but sparks can fly that might start a fire. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera solves through Scan, visualize and analyze temperatures of Electrical Mechanical, Building , Refractory systems quickly and accurately. Infrared energy coming from an object is focused by the optics onto an infrared detector . The detector sends the information to sensor electronics for image processing. The electronics translate the data coming from the detector into an image that can be viewed in the viewfinder or on LCD screen

Our company arranges Interchangeable Tele photo and Wide angle lenses can help you to adapt our thermal imaging camera to every situation distant targets to do Thermovision Hot spot Scanning such as, Transmission line Towers and overhead power lines. We can provide the most advanced thermal imaging solutions to support 24/7 monitoring programs that keep the vital electrical power grid up and running.

Electrical Thermography Services in India

Mechanical Thermography Services in India

Thermal imaging cameras are commonly used for inspections of Electrical,Mechanical systems, Pipe work Faults , Refractory and petrochemical installations and components in all sizes and shapes Examples of failures in systems that can be detected with thermal imaging:

  • Oxidation of high voltage switches
  • Overheated connections High resistance connections
  • Corroded connections
  • Internal fuse damage
  • Internal circuit breaker faults
  • Poor connections and internal damage
  • Incorrectly secured connections
  • Insulator defects, poor connections in high voltage substations, switchgear, transformers, and outdoor circuit breakers
  • Lubrication issues
  • Misalignments
  • Overheated motors
  • Suspect rollers
  • Overloaded pumps
  • Overheated motor axles
  • Hot bearings
  • Leakage in pumps, pipes and valves
  • Insulation breakdowns
  • Pipe blockage. refractory linings for furnaces, boilers, kilns, incinerators, crackers and reactors are prone to degeneration and loss of performance, Flare detection, Tank level detection,
  • Finding hot spots in welding robots
  • Inspection of aeronautical material
  • Mould inspection
  • Checking temperature distribution in asphalt pavements
  • Inspections in paper mills



Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to Identify Over loaded Equipment, Loose /over heated connections, Circuit Breakers, Bus bars, Identify cable heated terminations, phase unbalances, faulty components. Electrical Panel Thermography also identify faults in Wiring, Switches, Transformers, Generators, Transmission lines, substations, Main incoming services, plant main knives, capacitor banks, etc. Main switchboards and disconnects, Main distribution panels, Uninterruptible power supplies, battery bank connections, Generator controls and transfer switches. Main Line panels, Lighting and receptacle panels, Disconnects and combination starters, Service disconnects for motors, Machine control panels, Metering, Grounding systems, Surge Arrestors, Filters Reactors, Outdoor bus structures, etc.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography services to Identify problems in Motors, Bearings, Pumps, Gears, Clutches, Belt Drives. Mechanical Thermography to identify the problems in Heat Exchangers, Pressure Accumulators, Conveyors, A/C Units, Fans, Gear Boxes, Chillers, Lighting systems, Switchgear, Combustion Engines etc.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography services to identify problems Roof Leak surveys, moisture leakage. Building Thermography also to identify Insulation leakage, check for leaks, water pipe breaks, fire-sprinkler discharges, uneven, insulation, and damaged seals etc.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to identify defective insulation, frost and ice formation and structural defects in cold stores, chill stores, refrigerated trailers, blast freezers, cryogenic storage vessels. Thermography Industry Survey of valves, traps, Chimney, Motors, tanks, Vessels, Failures in the Refractory insulation, Electrical & Mechanical related, etc. If you operate a cold storage facility, talk to us about our services which will highlight areas of poor/missing insulation, incorrectly operating cooling systems, faulty electrical apparatus, lighting surveys.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services in India to identify Early detection of Breast Cancer, can detect many diseases and disorders in their early stages and Aapplication of thermography in human medicine is versatile and efficient.

Sachu Technologies also offering TSCM in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is now using the latest Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology to detect any illicit eavesdropping device that is active or dormant. Unlike conventional methods this equipment enables us to detect small amounts of thermal heat emitting from devices. Medical Thermography of Entire area for devices active, passive, this inspection will also show us where a device may have been concealed in a ceiling, Tile, Furniture for example and has since been removed.RFID Micro chip/Electronic Bugs detection anywhere using Thermography methods.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services including Pipeline inspection, leak detection, stress corrosion cracking areas inspection, tank sediment, Pipe sediment, tank Levels, etc.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Survey to Inspect burners for flame impingement and burner management, Look at combustion patterns of fuel. Industry Thermography to Detect thermal patterns on boiler tubes and measure tube skin temperature during normal operation or when boiler is on standby ,Scan and record temperatures in areas of boiler not monitored ,Scan the exterior of boiler for refectory damage or locate warmer areas where potential refectory damage may occur ,Detect coke buildup in crude furnaces, Tank Levels.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to Detect uneven heat distribution in stem boxes, Identify wet streaks, non-uniformity, that can have adverse effects on paper quality. Industry Thermography to identify basis weight variations, Monitor size press performance, Analyze dryer temperatures to look for non-uniformity in dryers, Monitor coating to see that it is being applied uniformly to surface of the paper, Analyze reel to look for cross-machine and machine directional patterns that may be induced by different pieces of process equipment connected to the paper machine, Inspect chip piles for hot spots and profile thermal characteristics, etc.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to identify faulty Components in Electrical ,Mechanical and Other Infrastructure etc., in all type of industries.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to identify faulty Components in Electrical, Mechanical and Other Infrastructure, etc. in all type of industries.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to identify faulty Electrical Infrastructure, HV AC Equipment, Mechanical systems Motors, Piping infrastructure in all type of Industries.


Sachu Technologies offering Infrared Thermography Services to help 99.999% uptime power supply maintain good TIER Rating in data Centers as per TIA-942 standards is required. That is what IT (information technology) customers are looking for. Uptime or “availability” at data centers is an absolutely necessity. A loss in power to a data center can cost the owner millions, literally. The power, cooling and support systems are vital to the continuous flow of information in these “mission critical” facilities. IR/PM (infrared predictive maintenance) is a must.

Regular Preventive Maintenance through Infrared Thermography Assessment is must In IT Parks, Software Industries, Factories in Special Economical Zones to prevent short circuits, Fire accidents to save more Power consumption.