Solar Themography

Sachu technologies offering Thermographic inspection of photovoltaic systems allows the fast localization of potential defects at the cell and module level as well as the detection of possible electrical interconnection problems. The Thermographic infrared inspection is conducted with the solar panels in operation, from the front side for roof-mounted panels or from the backside on elevated arrays. No down time is required for conducting the inspection and there is no interference with the production of power during the inspection. Solar Thermography is the use of an infrared Thermography camera to inspect photovoltaic solar systems for problems that can cause damage to the cells, loss of efficiency, and fire hazards. Thermography Audit for solar panel inspections will therefore drastically improve the operating company’s return on investment. Infrared inspection of photovoltaic solar panels is a 100% coverage, non-destructive diagnostic tool for finding bad photovoltaic cells, which reduce the power output PV panels. We can scan a single panel or large array. Infrared thermal imaging of PV panels can locate defective wiring connections and malfunctioning inverter boxes,ACDB,DCDB,Protective systems of CT, PT, ACB’s and VCB’s.


Solar Thermography -Sachu


Thermographic inspection of Solar photovoltaic systems in India